Elaphe obsoleta williamsi
  • Average size:  36-72 inches; Record 84 inches.  Young are 11-17 inches
    at birth.
  • Range:  Can be found in Levy, Dixie, Gilchrist and Alachua counties.  
    This photo was taken in High Springs, Alachua County.
  • Diet:  Rodents and birds.
  • Status:  Fairly common in its range.  Considered by some to be a
    distinct subspecies, others recognize it as an intergrade between the
    Gray Rat Snake, on the panhandle side, and the Yellow Rat Snake, on
    the peninsular side. They may be marked differently, however most
    have the blotches like the Gray Rat Snake and four stripes like the
    Yellow Rat Snake.

Gulf Hammock Rat Snake
Florida Backyard Snakes
Photos taken by Michael
Dye in High Springs,
Alachua County.