Lampropeltis getulus floridana
  • Average size:  36-48 inches; Record 69.5 inches. Young are about 5-8
    inches at birth.
  • Range:  Found throughout central Florida to the south tip of Florida,
    excluding the keys.
  • Diet:  Snakes, turtle eggs, lizards, rodents, small birds and their eggs.
  • Status:  Uncommon.  May be found in hardwood hammocks,
    pinewoods,  mainly terrestrial, but often found near streams and
    marshes where it feeds on water snakes and turtle eggs.  Like the
    Eastern Kingsnake, its population has declined drastically in the last
    few years, probable cause may be habitat reduction.
  • Do not keep a Kingsnake with other snakes especially ones that are
    smaller, it may make a meal of them.

Florida Kingsnake
Florida Backyard Snakes
Thanks to Mike Pope of
Merritt Island for these
excellent photos.