Storeria dekayi victa
  • Average size:  7-10 inches; Record 13 inches.  Young are 4-5 inches at
  • Range:  Throughout Florida and upper keys.
  • Diet: Feeds on earthworms, slugs, insects and will eat small frogs,
    salamanders and fish.
  • Status:  Threatened.  Often found near hardwood hammocks,
    pinelands, bogs, marshes, ponds, swamps, and sloughs.

Florida Brown Snake
Florida Backyard Snakes
Many thanks to Alyssa
Brignoni for allowing
me to photograph the
young Florida brown
snake shown above.
She found this
beautiful specimen in
her backyard.  At seven
years old Alyssa knows
the importance of
snakes in the
ecosystem.  Great job
mom and dad!
Photos By:  Jacob Scott