Crotalus horridus atricaudatus
  • Average size:  36-60 inches; Record 74.5 inches.  Young are 11-16
    inches at birth.
  • Range:  Found in only 8 or 9 counties in north Florida.  From
    Alachua and Dixie County west to Hamilton County and Suwannee
  • Diet:  Mainly rodents and birds.
  • Status:  Still common in some parts.  Numbers have been declining
    mainly because of habitat reduction and senseless killing.  
  • This rattlesnake should be given a healthy respect and left alone.  
    The color pattern makes this snake very hard to see.

I found the one above crawling across my driveway at
my home in New River, Bradford County August of
Canebrake Rattlesnake
Florida Backyard Snakes

There are some
records of Canebrake
Rattlesnakes in the
Florida panhandle.
However very rare.