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Florida has an abundance of snake species (about 45, but who's counting).  Out of the 45 species
only 6 are venomous.  So that would leave 39 species, and 41 subspecies, that are non-venomous
and harmless, unless you break your leg or neck trying to get away from one.  
You may not want to hear this however, all snakes are beneficial.  "No way" you say.  That's right,
they eat insects, rats, mice, worms, toads, frogs, fish and some, like Indigos and Kingsnakes, eat
other snakes including the venomous ones.  They help keep the ecosystem they live in at a good
Now, I'm no environmentalist tree-hugging nut however, I've been blessed with some good Ole
common sense.  So I say, having snakes around is a good thing.  
I realize that some of you are scared to death of them.  Just give them a healthy distance and leave
them alone, they'll probably just slither away and go eat a rat or something.

If you're curious as to what kind of snake you've found in your backyard and you haven't killed it
yet, click on either venomous or non-venomous below and check them out.
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Some photographs were taken at the Army Ranger Camp reptile house at Eglin AFB.  
A special thanks goes to the Rangers.
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